Need a teacher?

Why would you choose me as your new teacher?

  • I am patient, kind and tailor my lessons to my students needs.
  • I have experience in teaching all levels of French, from 3 to 45 years old.
  • I am a professional teacher wich means I have appropriate diplomas :
    • a Bachelor in Linguistics *
    • a Master in Linguistics *
    • a TESOL certificate (for teaching English to young learners) **
  • I have strong knowledges of the official language tests and the school systems in France and in Canada.
  • I keep myself up to date in my job by exchanging regularly with coworkers all around the world (check here).
  • French is my mother tongue, I speak English fluently and keep on learning other languages.

What are my conditions?

  • I do have a lot of materials stored in my laptop (methods, additional books, novels, games…) so you can easily make copies -at your own charge- of my ressources to study French. I can recommend you some methods to buy if you wish to use other books.
  • The first meeting will be in a public place. This is not negotiable.
  • I do 1h to 2h lesson (my advice : regularity is the key).
  • For the lesson fees it will depend on the country, but be aware I charge the first lesson half price (for not wasting my time with non-serious students).
  • I may apply an extra-charge to cover the transportation fees and beverage expenses (if you choose a coffee shop for the lessons).

NEW: I am now an online teacher, you can find me on CafetalkVerbling and Italki!

*specialized in teaching French as a foreign language (FLE) from a French university.

**from OnTesol Canada, 150 hours training program.



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