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The TCF (Test de Connaissance du Français) is another kind of language test.

I will say this test is more administrative-oriented than the DELF, such as getting the French or Quebec nationality or entering French Universities.

Please find below a description of what is the TCF from the official CIEP website:

You can take this test for different reasons such as:
  • personal reasons: This test gives an assessment of the candidate’s competency in French (listening and reading comprehension, spoken and written expression), potentially with a view to improving it. It is a kind of linguistic snapshot of the candidate’s level of French at the time of taking the test;
  • professional reasons: It provides objective information that candidates can show to institutions or companies, to help them secure a job or a promotion;
  • academic reasons: The TCF, consistent with international standards, is a reliable assessment of a candidate’s linguistic abilities that is taken into account for admission to higher education institutions (universities, Grandes Ecoles, art schools, schools of architecture, business schools, etc.).

Below, the different kinds of TCF, you have to add to this list the TCF ANF (to get the French Nationality).

TCF for the general public
TCF for future students and students
TCF for international bodies
TCF for Quebec
This TCF test is intended for anybody who wants to have their French language skills assessed for personal or professional reasons. – First and second year undergraduate students: the TCF is a part of the DAP (Demande d’Admission Préalable, or preliminary admission application) for admission on  University
the TCF is systematically required by higher education institutes and the French Grandes Ecoles.
This version of the TCF test was designed to meet the needs of international bodies, intergovernmental organisations (the UN, OECD, European Commission, etc.) and Schools of Diplomacy and/or International Relations. This test can only be taken by people who submit an immigration application at a Quebec immigration office or at Délégations Générales du Québec, Quebec government offices abroad.


Those informations are taken from the official CIEP website.

For more informations and tests samples, please follow this link: CIEP Official Website

Photo credits: CIEP



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