Where to find good ressources?

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Internet is a wonderful tool: thousands of contents available, most of them for free, you can spend hours or even days on it.

The problem is that anybody can post anything on the web.

Last year, a French teacher had fun posting false information all over Internet (he created different articles with false information, some of them on Wikipedia) to trick his students and to prove they were copying and pasting web pages to do their homework.

Don’t believe me? Check this article (French): Le Figaro.fr

What I mean is that you can find website about the French language with mistakes and false information on it. That goes for books as well.

Also, it’s not always easy to find content the native speaker use… most of the sources you will find will be from your country and its institutions where you can learn French. So if you live in the USA you will find content done for Americans, in China for Chinese people… Yes French materials can be quite different from a country to another.

But here, I will propose you content taken from France or French-speaking countries like Canada.

Below, the different kind of ressources you can find:

French Media:










-Additional materials


Useful websites:




download (10)

Please feel free to report any dead link or suggestions!

On my side, I will try to update this list as often as possible.



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