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The general methods of French are, as said, « general » which means they cover a little bit of all the skills you need in learning French, without focusing on any of them. Those methods are pretty necessary for your progression, but you will quickly find out that you need some extra materials/books to study more deeply some points (very often grammar or writing skills) depending on your personal objectives.

You will find below some of the most popular additional materials for French as a foreign language for adults/teens. Some of them are pretty new, while others are best-sellers. This is NOT an exhaustive list, just recommendations.

To give you an idea about the prices, I have tried to link most of them with their Amazon page (not meaning to do marketing for Amazon, but it is used world-widely).

My favorites are in red color.



Grammaire progressive du français

  • 271 pages
  • Editeur: CLE
  • My opinion: From far, the most famous grammar book. All written in French, one page for the lesson (in blue) and 2 pages of exercises, the book’s structure is pretty clear and straight to the point. You have to buy the correction aside. There are 3 levels: orange for beginners, blue for intermediate and green for advanced. I usually recommend my students to buy the blue one only.

Grammaire en dialogues

  • 128 pages + CD
  • Editeur: CLE
  • My opinion: A good and fun grammar book for beginners. Once you are more advanced in French, go for the Grammaire progressive collection.

La grammaire des premiers temps

  • 259 pages
  • Editeur: PUG
  • My opinion: Similar to Grammaire progressive, I like it less but it is a personal opinion. This collection is as well very famous, but you will have to buy different volumes (great beginners, vol 1, vol 2…)



Dites-moi un peu

  • B2-C1!!
  • ? pages
  • Editeur: PUG
  • My opinion: A great, ready-to-use method for speaking classes. I am so sad this book is only for advanced level, if they could make another one for beginners and intermediate, my life will be so much easier! A great book for group activities but useless for self-study!

Expression Orale

  • 123 pages
  • Editeur: Cle International
  • My opinion: This collection covers all the levels (from beginners to advanced) in 4 books with CD. Very traditional in its structure, can be used in class or for self-study. The design is not very attractive though, but it works pretty well with university students.

 Phonétique en Dialogue 

  • Broché: 120 pages
  • Editeur: Cle International (3 octobre 2006)

Phonétique progressive du français

  • Broché: 271 pages
  • Editeur: Clé International; Édition: Student (8 octobre 2003)



Bulles de France

  • ? pages
  • Editeur: PUG
  • My opinion: A fun way to discover more about the French culture! The book introduce different topics (health system, civil union, sports) through a bande-dessinée with questions to help you understanding the topic and extra information. Works well in class (as a supplement with more serious civilization textbook) and can be used for self-study.

Civilisation progressive

  • 191 pages
  • Editeur: CLE
  • My opinion: More serious and traditional than Bulles de France, this collection is pretty popular, but a bit boring in my opinion. However, it’s probably the most complete textbook about civilization you can find, covering a large choice of topics. Available for beginner, intermediate and advanced level.

La France au quotidien

  • B1-B2
  • Editeur: PUG
  • My opinion: I like this textbook better than Civilisation progressive, more pictures, more visually appealing, the weakest point is that it is too short to cover a full year by itself. Only the most important topics are included (health system, family). But still a great book for in class and self study!

La France des régions

  • ? pages
  • Editeur: PUG
  • My opinion: Another nice book from the PUG edition, focus on the provinces of France. For in class or self study.


Cours de rédaction (Writing in French)

  • 368 pages
  • Editeur: FLTRP
  • My opinion: I have bought this book in China, it has been made specifically for the students in university majoring in French. It covers the 3rd and 4th year, all the instructions and explanations are translated in Chinese. I found it very clear, well-structured and perfectly adapted to this public. Even if you are not teaching in China (or Taïwan), you can still find there great lesson plans and ideas to use.


Littérature progressive du français

  • Broché: 159 pages
  • Editeur: Cle International (17 juin 2004)
  • My opinion: Probably the best book for discovering the French literature. You will study a little bit of all the movements through the most famous writers. Not for deep-study though.

Littérature progressive de la francophonie

  • Broché: 147 pages
  • Editeur: Cle International; Édition: 1 (30 août 2007)
  • My opinion: Same book than the one before, but with authors from all the French-speaking countries. Less famous writers but quite interesting for its cultural approach.


Here the websites of the main publishers for French as a foreign language’s materials:

Hachette fle

Didier fle

CLE International

La maison des langues


Presses Universitaires de Grenoble (PUG)




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