What is your level?


So you would like to start learning french or grow your existing skills, but you are not sure what is your current level?

You will find many different tests on Internet. They are usually made by schools who are trying to attract students with « free » tests. Usually you spend 10 minutes filling the form and then a pop up window tell you to contact the school to get your results. Too bad….

But there is another way than tests to find out what is your level. However, you have to be honest with yourself 🙂

The Council of Europe has made with the CECR a self assessment grid for each of the 6 levels (from A1 to C2). There is a pretty complete description for each level in the 5 main fields teacher usually evaluate: listening, reading, spoken interaction/ production and writing.

I have tried to introduce you this self assessment in a simple way, divided on each main categories. However the content comes from the Council of Europe official website.

For Beginner (A1/ A2)

For Intermediate (B1/ B2)

For Advanced (C1/ C2)

If you really enjoy doing online tests, this one is pretty serious: TEST YOUR FRENCH


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